Thursday, January 19, 2012

The dreaded horizontal stripes!

Powder Blue - Joe Fresh

Hey Guys!
     Just did a stripey blue gradient with a few of June's nail polishes.  It took me waaaayy longer than it probably should have.. but oh well! It's done now!! I used 3 different brands of nail polish tonight.  First I applied two coats the Joe Fresh Powder Blue.  Next, I applied the middle colour which is Sally Hanson's Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue. And thirdly, I applied a dark blue from Claire's (the name isn't on it sorry!).  I found that using horizontal brush strokes made it very easy to create straight lines across my nail.  I found out the hard way by doing it vertically on a few nails and then having to start over :P  Well I think all my hard work paid off, time to get some studying done.
Until next time,
Simple Blue Gradient Nails

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