Wednesday, January 25, 2012

31 Day Challenge - C's Day 3

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Hi Everyone,
     Day 3 is yellow nail polish and I went for a classic yellow spruced up with some sparkly purple!  I find that the purple distracts from the sickly look that my fingers get when I wear yellow polish.  Today I did my nails while playing Settlers, so I really was multi-tasking! (Hence the messy nails)  Once again I am posting at a ridiculous hour, I should probably just get used to it.  I am super looking forward to green nails tomorrow, love love love the colour, I already have so many ideas!! Make sure you check out June's super cute yellow flower nails!! (way better than mine)

Time to settle in with my Vox for the night,
31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 3 (Yellow Nails)

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