Thursday, January 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge - C's Day 4

Hey Guys!!
     Check it out, posting at a decent hour! I had so much fun with today's nail colour it took me so long just to decide what design I wanted to do.  Green is one of my favourite colours so it was way more enticing than the last few (cannot wait for purple!!).  I used two different greens to create a dramatic effect, and I think it turned out b-e-a-utifully!! The light green is Did It On 'Em by OPI's Nicki Manaj line (Sorry there is no picture with it, it's so hard to grasp the mini bottles with out looking like I have freakish hands!!). The camera made it look way more yellow on my nails than it actually is.  It is more of a pale lime green colour.  The second colour I used is from Forever 21, it doesn't have a name but it is a really lovely, dark forest green colour.  This look was sosososo easy to create, I first applied a base coat, then added 2 coats of the light green and let it dry.  To apply the dark green, I just used the normal brush and very slowly made a diagonal stripe on my nails and filled in the yellow gaps right after.  Lastly, I added a clear top coat and voila! This is a super fun look that would look awesome with different shades of the same colour (like mine!) or with contrasting colours.  

Look out for June's green nails I know they will be great!
  31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 4 (Green Nails)

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