Tuesday, January 24, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 2, J's orange nails

Hey guys.... Caroline and I are pretty awful already at staying on top of these posts, and we're only on day 2... awkward! I think secretly we were avoiding posting these because we really aren't a fan of the orange! (Not pumped for yellow nails tomorrow either, but the rest of the week will be fab!). So for my orange I used two coats of OPI's On the Right Paige on top of one coat of Sally Hansen White On to make the orange more opaque. I then painted OPI Glow Up Already! on the tips with a small paint brush. I like the look but just can't get past the horrible effect orange has on my skin tone. Here are some pics:
with flash

without flash

with flash

mega zoom
Anyways stay tuned for yellow nails tomorrow! I still don't have a plan in place.. haha
- J

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