Monday, January 16, 2012

The not so Purple Daydream and Metallic 4 Life

Purple Daydream - Quo by Orly
Save Me - Nicki Manaj for O.P.I

Hey Guys! 
     So instead of doing school work I thought I would do something way more productive and nails! I recently bought Purple Daydream (it most definitely is not purple in anyway, pure pink) to give the new Quo by Orly line a try.  My favourite thing about this polish would have to be the rubberized handle! I definitely am not worried about the brush slipping out of my hand with this one; I also feel like I have much more precision when applying the polish.  Purple Daydream goes on pretty thin but dries very quickly and has a beautiful shine to it.  I used two coats here.  On top of Purple Daydream I used the Save Me OPI nail polish from the Nicki Manaj line (it took June and me at least thirty minutes to open it).  I love the sparkles in this one, they are more long and thin rather than dots, it adds an interesting effect that I haven't seen very often.   To finish it off I used Sally Hanson's Dimond Strength in Flawless as a top coat.  I love this combo because it is very versatile, great for parties and/or going to class.
Until next time,
-C Trying out the new Quo by Orly Line


  1. That isn't Metallic 4 Life, it's Save Me :)

    1. You are right!! OPI messed up on the box. Thanks for informing me! I'll change it right away.