Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our first post! - J&C

Hi guys! Everything is very new and exciting for us both right now. We have been regularly viewing other nail blogs for a while and we thought it would be super fun to create our own combined blog! We are in no way pro's at doing our nails but we are easily inspired by others' manicures. We both have fairly decent nail polish collections (and they are constantly expanding of course). Our nails are not as healthy or nice looking as we want them to be but we are both working hard on this so please bare with us for the lengthy process!! We will probably be doing a lot of experimenting and trying different methods out so really this is sort of a learning experience for us as well! You may also see a few posts here and there that are completely unrelated to nails haha but for the most part this is a nail blog. Soon we will be posting some swatches of a good sample of our colours/brands. Also we are going to be taking part in the 31 day nail challenge which we are soooo excited for. We have seen this challenge been done on multiple blogs and can only hope we do half as well as the other girls have done!  We will absolutely LOVE any feedback we can get from anyone :)
- June and Caroline

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  1. This is amazing! Great work chicas, I love it :) xo. Bryn