Friday, January 20, 2012

Review of Un-named shimmers

Hi everyone! So for Christmas this year I received a set of 7 nail polishes. These are basically no-names, as you will see in the picture I post they have absolutely no markings at all. But as I have so many of them I thought I'd do a couple swatches, mostly for my own curiosity! So the first one I used is the plain silver sparkle. It's loose silver dots of sparkle and I really wanted to try it over black. So I just topped off my half-moon mani with two coats of this. This sparkle was no hassle at all, just what you want when looking for adding a bit of depth to your nails! The main issue I had with this (and with all of these polishes) was that they honestly smelt horrible. I don't normally love the smell of nail polish or anything but these ones were unbearable!

Next up is the red shimmer. This one was pretty nice, you don't often see red shimmers like this. I rarely use red on my nails though, it just doesn't suit me. The polishes are all quite streaky and brush-strokey but they are opaque in one coat (with the exception of the silver sparkle); however I used two coats just to reduce the streaky-ness. 

Next up is green/teal, this one to me looked the nicest in the bottle and I think it is my favourite over all.

The last one I used tonight was the pale champagne/pinkish colour, I struggled to get a good picture of this one sorry!

So finally here is a picture of the lineup, including the colours I have yet to use. Overall these polishes were better than I expected and I may use a couple of them again in the future :)

- J

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