Wednesday, February 1, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 10

Hey guys! So day 10 is gradient nails. I was super excited for this one because I actually haven't tried gradient nails before... I don't have any sponges though so I just used some balled up kleenex hahah. I used pink because it's the colour I have the most of, but I rarely wear it.

here's a blurry shot to show off the sparkles of this polish :)
So I started with Joe polish in Kiss, then added OPI in Shorts Story, then the neon pink is Sally Girl. I used Wet n Wild's Sparkled overtop, it hides all my mistakes haha. I don't have a top coat on in these pictures but I did put one on afterwards. Can't wait for Caroline's nails later :)
- J

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