Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Half-Moon Attempt!

So tonight I have made my first half-moon attempt! I've been wanting to try for a while but wasn't really sure how. So today I looked at a few different tutorials and they all basically had the same techniques. I used paper reinforcements that Caroline luckily had on hand! The hardest thing for me was choosing the colours haha. I knew I wanted to include Bandeau- the beauty of a purple from Urban Outfitters, so after applying a base coat (all the tutorials I saw used one so I thought I would to be safe) I painted on the purple. After it dried and I put the reinforcements in place I tried using Barstool (a blue-grey also from Urban) but it didn't work right at all. So I gave up on the perfect colour combo and layered a plain Sally Hansen black on top. Well i'm actually quite impressed with how it turned out, I thought I would for sure screw it up somehow! Despite my messy lines, I'm a big fan of this vampy combo :) Enjoy!

- J

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  1. "Vampy combo"..... I die <3. I want to do the half moon with gold sparkles as a base and red overtop! :) -"B" lololol.